Palm Loves Developers

Palm is known for treating their developers well. However, I was completely blown away to get this package delivered to my door today.

I received an email a few weeks ago from a Palm employee who indicated they had used Paratrooper as part of their CTIA and CES booth. Since they were retiring the panel, they wanted to know if I was interested in re-using it.

He indicated the panel was large, but I had no idea. The box was 10 feet tall and 4.5 feet wide!

The print looks so good, my daughters thought the keyboard might actually work.

Larger than life! It’s fun to see a 10 foot tall version of Paratrooper running on the Pixi.

Thank you Palm for sending this along. Another example of Palm treating their developers like first class members of the team.

Buy this app

After creating the full version of Paratrooper for WebOS, I created the free “mini” version to give people a little taste of the game. In the mini version there is an “Upgrade” menu option that fires up the Palm App Catalog and launches directly to the page where a customer can pay the tidy sum of $1.99 for the full version of the game.

A couple of people have written to me to ask how I created the upgrade menu option. Not too tricky.

First, you need the URL for your app. Find your app’s URL by navigating to your app in the app catalog and clicking the Share button. Send that link to yourself by email or SMS. Then, you use that application ID and your packageid in the code below.

Here’s my complete “Buy Game” callback that get’s executed when the Upgrade menu item gets clicked:

StageAssistant.prototype.buyGame = function (callback) {
    var currentScene = Mojo.Controller.stageController.activeScene();
    var launchParams = {
        id: "",
        params: {'target': ""}
        method: 'open',
        parameters: launchParams
    if (callback) {

This works great, as long as the user has access to paid apps in the App Catalog in their country. In the case of Paratrooper Mini, we receive a handful of support requests each day (and a few low ratings) wondering why the “Upgrade” button takes them to a blank page in their App Catalog. It would be wonderful if Palm would upgrade the catalog to provide the user a warning indicating that the App Catalog will provide paid apps in their country in the future.