Trials on Tatooine

This week ILMxLAB did the first public play test of Trials on Tatooine at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Trails on Tatooine is a first-person story-based virtual reality experiment where you don a headset and get to walk around Tatooine, stand beneath the Millennium Falcon as in comes in for a landing nearly on your head, hear from Han Solo in the cockpit and eventually even defend yourself with a virtual lightsaber.

Working on this experience with the team at Lucasfilm has been a true highlight of my first two years at the organization and an amazing opportunity. Seeing everyone react so enthusiastically this week has been super rewarding. Here are a few of my favorite write-ups from the week:

“…you can practically smell the ozone wafting from its lethal light field.”


“Star Wars Trials on Tatooine blends storytelling with video game mechanics, including lightsaber wielding, for a brand new way to experience Disney’s Star Wars universe.”


“It was awesome–-and then I got to swing a lightsaber.”

“Lucasfilm’s next big foray into the future is here.”

I also got to meet Norman Chan from, and we had a detailed discussion about the making of this experience and ILMxLAB’s other efforts in the space.

If this kind of work sounds like fun to you, we’re hiring!

VES Sneak Peek

Tomorrow, Saturday, February 9 from 2-5pm, the Visual Effects Society will offer a sneak peek at some of this year’s nominated work. I’ll be involved in the Surf’s Up presentation.

Come join some of our Nominees as they present their submissions and answer questions. The categories presented include Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Series, Best Single Visual Effect of the Year, Outstanding Pre-Rendered Visuals in a Video Game and Outstanding Animated Character in an Animated Motion Picture.

This is a free event and I understand it’s open to the public if you’d like to attend. You can download this flyer for more information.

Number 17

Surf’s Up makes an appearance as #17 on CG Society’s 2007 Retrospective–“the public-voted list of the most requested cool items for 2007”. They make note of the hand-held camera work and the innovative waves.