The Palm Pre, in Threes

I recently got a Palm Pre. So far, I like it. Here’s my review in three parts.

First, the 3 complaints from other reviewers that I’ve found to be wrong:

    <ol>3.  When browsing contacts, you do not need iPhone-esque <a href="">alphabetical tabs</a> for navigation.  The Pre has a keyboard and jumps to the contact when you type.</ol>
    <ol>2.  The keyboard works very well.</ol>
    <ol>1.  The edge of the keyboard is not <a href="">dangerously sharp</a>.  In fact, the edge of my Macbook Pro is much sharper.</ol>

Second, my 3 favorite features:

<ol>3.  Photos automatically sync for your contacts from Facebook or Google and get used throughout the interface.</ol>
<ol>2.  When in card mode (not in an app), you can search for anything just by typing.  This means you don't have to launch the phone app to dial the phone, find a contact, or search google/wikipedia.  Very slick.</ol>
    <ol>1.  The Sprint software that gives turn-by-turn directions actually works very well.</ol>

And third, the 3 things Palm needs to do with future updates:

    <ol>3.  Allow me to add more items to the auto-correction list.  In fact, allow 3rd party software to enhance them too.  <b>Update:</b> Available in a 3rd party app now.</ol>
    <ol>2.  Copy and paste is inconvenient at best.  Please remedy.</ol>
<ol>1.  <del>There needs to be a way to completely turn off a notification message at the bottom of the screen.  I always have email and I already know that.</del> <b>Update:</b>  This has been fixed in firmware update 1.1.0.  Thanks!</ol>

Also, I’d love for there to API suport for network sockets and a canvas element that supports paths [Update: Canvas element is complete enough in 1.2.0], then I could write the Guess-A-Sketch client for the Pre.