Crashed Mac

A friend recently crashed his Mac. We were chatting when he cracked me up with this gem:

Hope I don’t have to meet a mac genius. I’d look so un-cool standing next to him


Over the past few years, I’ve done many interviews (sometimes, literally throughout world). After the travel and jet lag, sitting in a room interviewing one person every 25 minutes for 10 to 12 hours it’s hard to really remember anything but a blur of names and faces.

One unique portfolio stands out in my mind: boring3d

Funny, creative, and inspiring (at least to me).

Rare Ansel Adams Outtakes

This rare set of images was found in the Los Angeles Public Library and features “the Greatest Generation”, men and women, as they went to war and went to work. It’s unusual to find Ansel Adams photographs of people and urban life, but this collection of photos was apparently commissioned by Fortune Magazine in the 1940’s.<br/><br/>read more | digg story