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After creating the full version of Paratrooper for WebOS, I created the free “mini” version to give people a little taste of the game. In the mini version there is an “Upgrade” menu option that fires up the Palm App Catalog and launches directly to the page where a customer can pay the tidy sum of $1.99 for the full version of the game.

A couple of people have written to me to ask how I created the upgrade menu option. Not too tricky.

First, you need the URL for your app. Find your app’s URL by navigating to your app in the app catalog and clicking the Share button. Send that link to yourself by email or SMS. Then, you use that application ID and your packageid in the code below.

Here’s my complete “Buy Game” callback that get’s executed when the Upgrade menu item gets clicked:

StageAssistant.prototype.buyGame = function (callback) {
    var currentScene = Mojo.Controller.stageController.activeScene();
    var launchParams = {
        id: "",
        params: {'target': ""}
        method: 'open',
        parameters: launchParams
    if (callback) {

This works great, as long as the user has access to paid apps in the App Catalog in their country. In the case of Paratrooper Mini, we receive a handful of support requests each day (and a few low ratings) wondering why the “Upgrade” button takes them to a blank page in their App Catalog. It would be wonderful if Palm would upgrade the catalog to provide the user a warning indicating that the App Catalog will provide paid apps in their country in the future.


Cloudy and The Oscars

We got this awesome email from Chris and Phil this week. It really captures the spirit of working with them:

    To our incredible crew of geniuses:

    We made a really ridiculous movie together. We were able to get away with so much gorgeous, glorious, weirdness, and that as a result, we were showered with more success than anyone dared expect. And now, we have earned the most legendary honor a movie can get: an Oscar snub. The imprint of a true original. A rebel. But if you’re feeling a little disappointed, remember that we didn’t make this film together so it would be nominated for an Academy Award. We made it so that westbound United Airlines passengers would have something with which to temporarily divert themselves. And we succeeded. We also had an unforgettable experience making great art together, art which made a lot of people laugh, think, and not buy needless items from the skymall catalog.Congratulations and a lifelong thank you to all of you for making a warm, strange, sweet, smart, hilarious funny cartoon film. We are very very very proud.Love, Chris and Phil!