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Crashed Mac

A friend recently crashed his Mac. We were chatting when he cracked me up with this gem:

Hope I don’t have to meet a mac genius. I’d look so un-cool standing next to him
surfs up

VES Nominations

The VES Awards were announced today and Surf’s Up got 4 nods in 3 categories.

Best Single Visual Effect of the Year

Riding the Visual Effects Tube

Rob Bredow, Lydia Bottegoni, Daniel Kramer, Matt Hausman

Outstanding Effects in an Animated Motion Picture

Riding Waves – CG Style

Rob Bredow, Daniel Kramer, Matt Hausman, Danny Dimian

Outstanding Animated Character in an Animated Motion Picture

Chicken Joe

David Schaub, Moon Jun Kang, Brian Casper, Andreas Procopiou


David Schaub, Pete Nash, James Crossley, Shia LaBeouf

surfs up

Surfer Mag likes Chicken Joe

The surfing community has embraced Surf’s Up. Chicken Joe ranked #1 on Surfer Mag’s most interesting surfers of 2007.

From the article:

Chicken Joe didn’t care. He just surfed. A theme that has been the backbone of our sub culture forever.