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Rare Ansel Adams Outtakes

This rare set of images was found in the Los Angeles Public Library and features “the Greatest Generation”, men and women, as they went to war and went to work. It’s unusual to find Ansel Adams photographs of people and urban life, but this collection of photos was apparently commissioned by Fortune Magazine in the 1940’s.<br/><br/>read more | digg story

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Surf’s Up Review Are In

The reviews for Surf’s Up are in and, for the most part, everyone loves it:

The consensus from Rotten Tomatoes:

Surf’s Up is a laid back, visually stunning animated movie presented in a witty mockumentary format.

From Peter Debruge at Variety:

Much effort was expended in getting the waves to look just right — do they ever — but pic’s true innovation is the ability to approximate handheld camera work, allowing the directors to “discover” the action within each shot, just as they might in a live-action film.

Film Geekz at IESB.net

Surf’s Up is the most enjoyable film of the summer…In a summer filled with lengthy sequels this movie really comes ashore with something a little more fresh and original. The writers and directors really make use of the surfer mentality to entertain and deliver a message and Sony Animation has moved up quite a few notches to become a contender in the animated CGI world.

David Edelstein at New York Magazine:

The kids won’t know how terrific Surf’s Up is…And they’ll love all that surfing, which is astounding and hilarious, if you can appreciate that the sight here of a penguin sailing through a scary-colossal “pipe” has more verisimilitude than the computer-generated head of Kate Bosworth on top of someone else’s body in the go-for-it female surfer picture Blue Crush.

And one to keep me humble from Joshua Tyler from Cinema Blend:

If Surf’s Up accomplishes anything, it will be to bring families together, in boredom. Take your kids and be bored together.

4 out of 5 isn’t bad.