Stuart Little – FX

The evolution of the first Stuart Little film was a very interesting process to watch as we created the star of the film to fill the empty mostly photographic plates. This was one of the very first times a CG character held a major role in a film so it was a big step for everyone involved. During some of the early screenings of the movie there were a number of awkward moments as you tried to imagine the action on-screen and determine whether it was “working” or not. As the mouse was finished in more and more shots it became clear that the film worked in a fun and quirky way. Everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief. The film was released in December 1999 to a great opening box office and favorable reviews.

This was my first project at Sony Imageworks and was a great experience for me. I ended up with the credit of Lead Effects Animator and was involved in most of the effects animation in the film. On the side, I helped out a little with some of the cloth simulation work and a few other small tasks here and there.

A few selections from my shots are detailed below.

Stuart in his Bed Bedsheet wrinkles and depressions for cg mouse (animation & shading)

Stuart Brushing his teeth Droplets of water and toothpaste (animation & shading)

Stuart in a Washing Machine Enhanced practicle water with cg ripples, drips, bubbles and other interaction animation, shading & lighting

Stuart in a Washing Machine

Stuart in a Washing Machine Created cg waterline, water dripping down glass and handprints (animation, shading & lighting)

Stuart in a Washing Machine Cg soapbubble (animation & shading)

Stuart in the Sewer Cg water enhancements including interactive ripples (animation & shading)

Stuart in a box of crackers Cg fish crackers to interact with stuart’s fall (animation & lighting)

Stuart crys Cg teardrop & clumped wet fur path (animation & lighting)

Stuart Sails Extended horizon with cg ocean (animation & shading)

Stuart falls down the sail Cg sail to interact with stuart (animation, shading & lighting)

Central Park in Stuart Little Added 3d move to matte painting (animation & compositing)