Slow moving

It turns out, we cannot be trusted to pack a box.

It started simple enough with a goal to pack our CD’s for our upcoming move. The first distraction was sorting through the CD’s to make sure to avoid moving anything we’re never going to listen to again–naturally it would be a terrible waste to move a few 3 ounce objects for nothing. Now however, it has digressed into sorting them into “his” and “hers” collections, digitizing every album that made it through the first gauntlet and finding appropriate digital artwork to go with each and every CD. This, for music we mostly haven’t thought about in the last 7 years.

The above snapshot is my stack that remains to be digitized tonight. Part of it actually.

At this rate, we’ll be ready to move in about 10 years. But, we will be very organized.



Just returned from a quick business trip to Tokyo this week.

Enjoyed snapping a few shots using Instagram. The above was after a remarkable meal at Kyubei Sushi.

For those wondering, I left just before the terrible earthquake and tsunami struck.

film, tech

Stereo Workshop

Last week a number of the supervisors from Imageworks took a few hours to get hands-on with the latest stereo rigs and equipment. Stereo Supervisor Rob Engle led the group through some prepared material and facilitated a discussion that continued through the morning.

Many of the supervisors at Sony Pictures Imageworks have already worked on one or more stereo films. This made the discussion and the experimenting with the rigs all the more interesting.

Academy Award winning VFX supervisor Scott Stokdyk at the stereo controls. Even if you know exactly how you want to dial the inter-axial and convergence, it takes a bit of rehearsal to get used to the controls.

After a few hours on stage, the team returned to the screening room to review the results and talk about the merits of the various experiments.

It’s rare to be able to get that kind of group together in a room for a few hours to discuss and experiment with the latest in an evolving technology. Certainly one of the perks of my job.