Cloudy and The Oscars

We got this awesome email from Chris and Phil this week. It really captures the spirit of working with them:

    To our incredible crew of geniuses:

    We made a really ridiculous movie together. We were able to get away with so much gorgeous, glorious, weirdness, and that as a result, we were showered with more success than anyone dared expect. And now, we have earned the most legendary honor a movie can get: an Oscar snub. The imprint of a true original. A rebel. But if you’re feeling a little disappointed, remember that we didn’t make this film together so it would be nominated for an Academy Award. We made it so that westbound United Airlines passengers would have something with which to temporarily divert themselves. And we succeeded. We also had an unforgettable experience making great art together, art which made a lot of people laugh, think, and not buy needless items from the skymall catalog. Congratulations and a lifelong thank you to all of you for making a warm, strange, sweet, smart, hilarious funny cartoon film. We are very very very proud. Love, Chris and Phil!

Cloudy at the Annie Awards

Cloudy was nominated for Best Animated Feature, Best Animated Effects, best Directing and Best Writing in this years Annie Awards.

Yesterday the studio sent out a pretty funny letter from the directors to the ASIFA membership. Usually these “please vote for us” mailers are pretty lame–but when you give Chris and Phil a chance to write you get something awesome.

[full size]


VES Nominations for Cloudy

The Hollywood Reporter announced the nominations for the Visual Effects Society awards and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is up for two categories:

Animation in an Animated Feature Motion Picture

    “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” Mike Ford, CG supervisor Chris Juen, co-producer Alan Hawkins, supervising animator Pete Nash, animation director

Effects Animation in an Animated Feature Motion Picture

    “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” Rob Bredow, VFX supervisor Matt Hausman, effects animation supervisor Carl Hooper, effects animation supervisor Dan Kramer, digital effects supervisor

I couldn’t be more proud of the work and the team that put Cloudy on the screen. This is my third VES nomination for effects with this crew. Not only do they do great work, but are a great team to work with.



Finally got to see Avatar tonight in IMAX 3d. I know everyone’s already said that it’s a game changer–and it is. The work is spectacular and clearly raises the bar.

Congrats to Weta, ILM and the other half dozen or so houses who contributed to the film. A job very well done.