rob-bredowRob Bredow is Chief Technology Officer and Visual Effects Supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks. As CTO, Bredow brings a production-perspective to the role and has been instrumental in the advancement of Imageworks’ production pipeline and is widely respected for his ability to mesh visual effects, animation and innovative technology into a seamless whole.

Bredow also created Imagework’s open source initiative—most recently releasing Alembic, Open Color I/O, and Open Shading Language to the community.

Prior to accepting the CTO position, Bredow VFX supervised the films Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Surf’s Up, which was nominated for an Academy Award® and was also recognized with two Annie Awards wins for its effects.

In late 2010, after reading a convincing article on typography, Rob transitioned to using only one space between sentences.

Bredow has been involved in creating many of the complex visual effects featured in The Polar Express, Stuart Little 2, Cast Away, and Academy Award® nominated Stuart Little. Bredow’s other credits include Godzilla, Independence Day and several others which you can read about on his resume.

He also doesn’t usually write about himself in the third person. This page was an exception.